Large kisc challenge award

KISC Challenge Award



Complete 2 requirements from each area

High Adventure Requirements:
1. Stay overnight in a mountain hut.
2. Have a swim in an alpine lake.
3. Climb a mountain path over 2,000 metres above sea level.
4. Learn the correct use of a compass and navigation skills on the Compass course.
5. Take part in KISC guided hike, Snow & Ice activity or Climbing activity.

Eco Adventure Requirements:
1. Take part in an Evolving Alps hike.
2. Do a guided Eco Workshop such as; Jucinator, Backwoods workshop ect.
3. Do a guided or selfguided hike and do it accordingly to the 7 leave no trace principles
4. Get over 50 points in Eco-I-Spy.

International Friendship Requirements:
1. Complete a KISC Service Project.
2. Present a table at International Evening
3. Do an activity with Scouts from another country.
4. Perform a song or skit from your country at the International Campfire.
5. Do the International Freindship Trail.